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Deneholme is building a high end gaming pc assembled with the best components available on the market. Its price is also monstrous: up to 10 300 euros. Attention, some information in this article may offend the sensibilities of younger. On his 16th birthday, deneholme.net known among players for the quality of its offer and the strength of the configurations it offers decided to indulge in the complete basics of building a gaming pc by presenting “PC.” The most powerful gamer ever created” in France.

Named Manticore, this playful manhood Monster aligns the superlatives. First of all, it has three graphics card GeForce GTX Titan X, the “ultimate graphics card” according to Nvidia. Each card is worth, alone, more than 1,200 euros (Builder prices).

The computer also has a processor eight cores, Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition X 5960 which also costs more than 1000 euros. Able to manage up to 16 threads of computation at the same time, this component is currently what is happening better in power in the House Intel for PCs. Heat dissipation is so huge (140 Watts) that it requires a complete cooling water cooling system.

Side memory and storage, not question either to skimp. The machine has to start of 64 GB DDR4 3000 MHz RAM and storage Flash Intel 750 of 1,2 To on port PCI Express to achieve a transfer rate of more than 2 GB per second. If you notice slowdowns, look rather on the side of your connection. This is added four hard drives internal 8 TB Seagate, for a total of 32 TB. What store some data.

Of course, all this has a price. To become the owner of a Manticore, break his tire-read and also that of the small…: €10 299.95. At this price, Materiel.net plays the great Lords: the machine is delivered, installed and tested by one of its experts directly to the purchaser. The product comes with a guarantee of three years and a free hardware upgrade for three years. Real luxury.

However, it is questionable if the game is worth the effort. In the catalog of Materiel.net, PC gamer, which is positioned just below the Manticore is the Hyperion model. It is more than three times cheaper (2799,95 euros including VAT) for a twice lower performance score. So, its price/performance ratio seems more interesting. But it’s not “most powerful ever created.” And that’s for affluent gamers; it doesn’t have a price…


John Jasper

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