More and More Parents are Tracking Their Children With a GPS Watch
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More and More Parents are Tracking Their Children With a GPS Watch

The disappearance of a 10-year old boy in the course of the last week has created an interest among parents who want to buy a GPS system for their child in case they disappear.

FamiliSécur is the first canadian company to offer watches with a GPS tracking from 2015. Tool already popular in France, this new gadget begins to carve out a place on the quebec market.

“It is like a cell in a watch, explained Melody Maurice, the owner of the company is located in Drummondville. You can send a text to our child, or a voice message in few seconds, follow these movements with the GPS and receive a warning signal SOS.”

The turnover of the company would have increased by 34 % over the last year. Since the disappearance of the small Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou, it would have sold four times more watches in the last week compared to other weeks of 2018.

“In January, February and march, it is usually one to two watches per week. However, since the disappearance of [Ariel], I’ve sold 5 watches in one week,” said Mrs. Maurice, who is also said to have been contacted by a larger number of parents than usual in the last days.

An option to consider

According to Pina Arcamone, director general of the missing Children’s Network-to-Back, the watch is connected is an option to consider. “It is certain that it may help to find a missing child more quickly when it has a GPS system on him,” she confided.

Ms. Arcamone mentioned that several companies specializing in GPS systems for the children are come to knock at the door of its organization recently. “And with cases of disappearances like the one of Ariel, yes, it may encourage still more parents to buy”.

Parents mixed

Parents of young children, however, seem mixed about this technology.

“Ok, I understand the idea, but I think that parents should focus on the prevention and the education of their child,” pointed out Tim Rivard, the father of a young boy the age of eight years.

Different theories for Chantal St-Arnaud, who has equipped his 11 year-old boy with a watch with a GPS system. “I live in Longueuil, and my boy is hyperactive, she said. Once, people have wanted to steal her bike to the park, it has the SOS button on his watch, and his big sister is coming to protect it. It also allows me to avoid asking me all the time where it is.”


  • Sends and receives calls
  • Allows you to locate it on a Google map of a child
  • Alert button SOS integrated
  • Application compatible with the iPhone and Android phones
  • Water-resistant
  • Cost $ 95 and it requires a package of about $ 10 / month with a mobile network 2G/GSM to work


  • 144 records listed in total (a record for the organization)
  • 125 cases were resolved
  • 19 unresolved cases. Of this number, 16 cases involved children abducted by a family member, and 3 cases relate to young people still in fugue

If you have a missing child, please report it immediately.


There are multiple GPS watches for kids brands available nowdays. There are features such as video calls, two-way communication, some have better long lasting batteries than others and so on. The prices of these GPS tracker vary greatly. Some include a SIM card plan with them. So obviously you need to be careful about choosing the right one for your kids. You can go ahead and read some reviews explaining all the features and choose the best gps watch for kids. Read all the reviews and decide how would be best to track your kid and remeber still to be safe! These devices help, but aren’t 100% reliable all the time, so be wary as if they don’t exist!

Shop For Gaming Computer System
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Shop For Gaming Computer System

Shop for Gaming Computer System is not a easy decision. First you need to decide it’s gonna be desktop or laptop pc. Sure, some gamers take their choice of gaming throne a little more seriously than others. However the reality of the matter is us gamers put in some long hours in our chairs. It makes good sense to find something comfy. Beyond that, finding the best PC video gaming chair for you primarily comes down to personal preference. If you’re wanting to finish a video gaming desk setup with a tough new computer chair, kept reading.

The Gaming Chair is a sharp looking chair that can be found in many designs and color variations. This chair is ideal if you’re looking for something that looks more sporty. The chairs can be bought with vinyl, fabric, or a trademarked race car seat upholstery which is an elegant, breathable choice. These chairs are big in the eSports world, particularly over in Europe. That’s not a surprise makes some elegant chairs, while keeping ergonomic style in mind. Shop For Gaming Computer System.

Sitting for long periods of time in a chair might also possibly carry long-lasting consequences. We don’t have to look farther than people who have spent their careers operating in call centers or trucking for evidence. Who wants to be that person walking stooped-over at the age of 40? Your chair and desk work together to aid you in preserving excellent posture and preventing something like that from happening. Shop For Gaming Computer System.

Shop For Gaming Computer System?

The Office Chair hangs out simply around the $100 cost mark. It’s got a mesh back for outstanding breathability. If you run hot when you remain in the thick of the action, you’ll  want to consider this chair. They provides the Veer in eight color choices, so you can get the ideal one anywhere your color choices lie. The waterfall seat design aids you in maintaining a healthy posture. The arms are likewise adjustable, allowing you to customize them to your height.

If you like leather, the Black Leather Executive Office Chair with Triple Paddle Control is the mesh’s chairs leather equivalent, features a somewhat greater back, and is well worth an appearance. It features the very same extensive personalization as the mesh variation with the extra big paddles. The extra high back (adjusts as much as 21 inches high) is a great reward for big and high gamers. The contoured style adds a nice expert polish to this Flash Furnishings offering.

PC Gaming For Beginners
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PC Gaming For Beginners

In this post we make look at PC Gaming for Beginners. When you are beginner in Gaming, you need to learn couple things that will help you build your pc.

With over a decade of experience in constructing the world’s most innovative custom gaming computer systems, every video gaming PC is hand constructed by competent service technicians. Everything from inventory allowance, quality, assembly, and screening guarantee are done internal to ensure we provide just the absolute best for our customers. It’s exactly what makes a video gaming computer really special, being handcrafted with perfection and finished with utmost care.

Eurotech backs this chair with a 5 year service warranty on the upholstery and foam in addition to a life time guarantee versus part flaws. This chair is very adjustable, the arms are height adjustable, the arm pads pivot and slide back and forth. The back angle tilt lock features four different positions. It has a very high back that delivers assistance all the method approximately the neck support module.

PC Video gaming doesn’t need to be uneasy. Because sturdy office chair is a nearly as comfy as a luxurious recliner chair. You can likewise depend on it to last at least a couple of years. Therefore the key is discovering a manufacturer that actually includes ergonomic designs in their chairs. Some makers simply utilize marketing buzz words but don’t follow through on the style to cut expenses.

Beginners Tutorial

The Steelcase Gesture is a deserving competitor to Herman Miller Embody for the title of the very best of the best office chair. Steelcase is another distinguished brand in the office chair classification. Hence it has been reported that there is a living spirit in the Gesture, waiting to lovingly welcome your spine upon impact. The seat and back are a synchronized system, relocating to support you as if they were of one mind.

The Professional Air Grid Back with Leather Seat Chair by Office Star is a strong, well-put-together chair that looks excellent in any workplace set up. Adjustable arms, tilt tension, and height facilitate healthy sitting posture. Soft arm-pads and industrial strength wheels round out this chair well. At around $170 rate mark, this chair is arguably a much better worth. No have to update to the elite series, this chair features the detachable head rest pillow and detachable lumbar cushion. The reclining system tilts up to 150 degrees and is matched with adjustable arm rests and seat height. Luckily, you still get a couple ergonomic functions: pneumatic seat and backrest controls. These are merely adjusted to decrease the seat and raise and tailor the resistance of the backrest. The smooth back contours offer an appropriate level of comfort and the dual wheel casters are a well-crafted.

4K and VR Friendly Gaming PC
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4K and VR Friendly Gaming PC

In this guide, we’ll take a look at a few of the best gaming PC builds you can assemble 4K and VR Friendly Gaming PC from various budgets.

VR Friendly Gaming PC

The Steelcase Gesture is a worthwhile rival to Herman Miller Embody for the title of the very best of the very best office chair. Steelcase is another distinguished brand in the workplace chair classification. It has actually been reported that there is a living spirit in the Gesture, waiting to lovingly welcome your spinal column upon impact. The seat and back are a synchronized system, relocating to support you as if they were of one mind.

It is essential to bear in mind that even with an ergonomically designed chair it’s still a smart idea. To occasionally get up and move around in between matches or levels. If you can mix some jumping jacks and yoga therein, even much better. OK, most of us most likely will not go there. The crucial thing to remember is that motion is the best counter to the discomforts and aches of sitting too long. Supplement an ergonomic chair with the basic habit of short breaks. It will go a long method in taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy posture.

Gamers on a budget will appreciate the race automobile design bucket seat video gaming chair from Giantex. An overall of 6 cool designs guarantee you’ll be racing around in your favorite color. Interestingly, some colors are priced greater than others probably due to inventory but in most cases this chair will leave you $80 lighter. This chair doesn’t recline and it definitely isn’t really going to last a life time but you’re getting a sturdy workplace chair for a good cost with this one.

The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming

If you’re on the hunt for a side and/or guest chair the Flash Black Leather Guest Chair fits the expense. It has an elegant black finished frame and the seat cushions can be found in four color variations. The cushions are contoured and textured boosting the aesthetic perfectly. It is lightweight making it simple to move your desk or to another room. The cushions are thick and the arm-rests are padded to supply maximum comfort. For about $60 you will get an expert comfortable workplace chair that will please any co-pilot or spectator.

Another Steelcase chair of interest is the Steelcase Leap Our handling editor Benjamin utilizes the Steelcase Leap chair. And thinks it is accountable for treating his pain in the back. Wirecutter named it the very best office chair of the year in 2013. The Leap is Steelcase’s finest selling chair and since it has been out for longer it is more economical than the Gesture above. It utilizes a technology called Liveback. This term describes how the chair automatically conforms to your seating position, much akin to its successor the Gesture.

Build your best Gaming PC
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Build your best Gaming PC

Computer video gaming is and always will be the most powerful video gaming platform. There’s no dispute about your best Gaming PC. It’s not that consoles aren’t excellent, it’s simply that. Unfortunately, there is no chance that they can keep up due to the fact that they are based off of PC hardware. That means that consoles will always be behind Gaming PC video gaming. Other than for when the next generation systems are released. And, even when the next generation of consoles show up. They will just preserve a comparable level to PC hardware for a brief while.

The Gaming PC is a superior office PC that has a cost to match. This chair takes the word ergonomic to new heights with its special 3 modules for complete spinal column assistance. If you are tired of black, it can be found in a range of colors which all look fresh and appealing. The full mesh design makes this the most breathable chairs we have actually looked at to date. It likewise can be found in complete leather if you can’t go without the leather feel. With its multiple assistance points and sleek design, it looks quite futuristic.

Gaming PC

Flash Furniture is the creator of the Wood Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair This unique style by Flash Furnishings is highly spoken of by chiropractic doctors. It’s likewise one of the very best sellers on Amazon. Clearly, this odd looking gizmo has been providing lead to some folks. If you actually want to take care of your back, or are already experiencing persisting back pain. It’s a fantastic secondary chair to have along with your primary office chair to make use of occasionally.

The snowy white variation of the high back leather executive model is an alternative for those wanting to break away from the traditional black office chair. Flash Furnishings puts a high premium on the white color and even takes away a few of the change performance. One big win is the flip up arms, so you can flip them out of the method when its time to get major. Despite the rather steep rate, the dazzling white and back insets makes for a very elegant chair, and those design points may extremely well deserve the extra cash.

Gamer VS Gaming PC

Some gamers spend time in their chairs operating in addition to gaming. Nowadays, more people are setting up arrangements with their companies to work part-time from house. If you’re one of these fortunate folks who have actually developed one of these new economy working plans. You’ll be spending even more time in your chair. If this holds true, it’s worth thinking about investing a bit more in a higher-quality computer chair.

It runs around $900. For that price you’ll get a chair that makes you feel and look like a CEO. It is worldwide ergonomic, with a plethora of change mechanisms. Moreover, it will spontaneously adapt to your posture when you move or alter positions in the chair. With a 12-year manufacturer warranty which covers whatever, this reaches into the buy it for life classification. It is certainly built to last a very long time. Herman Miller provides extra parts on their website. So, for instance, if after Twenty Years a caster wheel goes out or the arm rests just aren’t working like they utilized to brand-new ones can be bought to replace these with minimal trouble.